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Shumatech DRO Jitter Conclusions, Version 2.

Shumatech DRO Scale Power Noise Injection, version 2. Note: the procedure described in this article has proven to work very well.

Repeatability and Accuracy of the Harbor Freight® Caliper; version 3.

Jitter Bug - Watching your Shumatech DRO display dance (and how to stop it) version 5.

Electrical Noise and the Chinese Scale/Shumatech DRO Interface.

Tune In for Better Electronic Edge Finder Accuracy.

Precision Z-axis Milling on a RF30 Mill./Drill

Precision Z-axis Milling on a RF30 Mill./Drill (in pdf)

Chasing accuracy on a RF30 mill/drill with Shumatech DRO.

Using a Harbor Freight Caliper to repair a DRO scale

Shumatech DRO Electronic Edge Finder Interface Circuit

One Way to Mount a Scale on a Mill

The Unauthorized ShumaTech DRO-350 (Mill) User's Guide, Version 4

Unofficial DPU-550 Hardware Installation Notes, Version 2.1

Unofficial Software Installation on the Shumatech DRO-550 Guide, Version 2.0

Unofficial Shumatech DRO-550 User's Guide for Software Release 1, Version 2.0

Unofficial Shumatech DRO-550 Application Notes for the Mill, Version 2.0

An Improved Infrared Tachometer Sensor

A Possible ShumaTech® 350 with 550 Daughterboard Power Up Fix

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